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About Us

About Us

Happy Magic Co. is a laser cut goods shop, specializing in wood products inspired by the magic of the parks. All items (from concept to prototyping, to final product) are designed and handmade in Orlando by the husband and wife team of Eric and Amanda. Using their own professional grade in house laser cutter, they cut and engrave each product. Slight variations in the wood grain make each item completly unique and one of kind.  


Hi! I'm Amanda! I'm a graphic designer who loves bright colors, paper, and all things DIY! Everything you see on this website was created by me (and the website was created by Eric)! I've been obsessed with all things Disney since I I was little (growing up, Aladdin was my favorite movie… I can sing ALL the songs and recite ALL the lines)! I grew up in Anaheim CA and visited Disneyland often. Eric and I recently moved up to Orlando from South Florida and have been WDW AP holders for the past 5 years. We used to try and visit at least once a month but now that we are locals we frequent the parks at least once a week (which is AMAZING)!

Below are some of my favorite things…

  • Tv show- GG, Riverdale, I Love Lucy
  • Disney movie- Up, Aladdin, Wall-e
  • Ride-  Flight of Passage
  • Park- Animal Kingdom
  • Character- Mickey
  • Princess- Ariel
  • Disney Bucket list item- DisneyLand Paris
  • Fave Disney memory - Eating at Club 33 with my family


Hi! I'm Eric! I'm a web developer and I like to build things (websites mainly, but I also really enjoy constructing buildings, cars and spaceships… all out of Lego bricks, of course)! I'm an avid golfer, so living in Florida during the winter definitely is awesome! 

I grew up in New England and am a huge Patriots fan… if the Pats are on, you know I'll be watching!

  • TV show- the Office, Family Guy, Seinfeld
  • Disney movie- Wreck it Ralph, Star Wars 
  • Ride- Flight of passage
  • Character- Wreck-It Ralph
  • Park- Epcot
  • Princess- Ariel
  • Disney Bucket list item- Tokyo Disney
  • Fave Disney memory - Seeing Tom Brady and Julien Edleman at the 2019 Super Bowl Paraade at Magic Kingdom

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